THE TORONTO HIKING AND CONSERVATION CLUB has its roots in the Don Valley Conservation Association, formed in the early 1950s to protect the Don Valley. After an active decade, a group of Association members met to create the Toronto Hiking and Conservation Club on August 25, 1961. Every year since, the Club has organized programmes of Sunday hiking in the countryside surrounding Toronto, and has financially supported a variety of conservation endeavours. Currently membership is approximately 120, and, as in the past, voluntary participation continues, with energetic hiking programmes, hike leading, car pools and social events.

☎ For information about a particular hike, phone the hike leader the day before. Hike routes may be changed at the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances.
☁ Dress suitably for the weather. Sturdy, waterproof boots are advised.
☞ Bring lunch and a beverage. Do not litter.
☞ Transportation and Incidental Costs:
☞ Passengers may donate towards transportation costs, using the following scale:
Under 100 km - $10.00
100-200 km - $12.00
Over 200 km - $15.00
Within Toronto - $7.00
☞ Hikers will pay gate fees to Conservation Areas where required.
☞ Visitors are welcome to attend one hike as guests of the club, after which they should apply for membership.
☞ Drivers should ensure that other drivers are not in difficulty before returning to Toronto. They should provide rides for as many people as possible, returning them to the parking lot, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.